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When my daughter arrived, I don't think I made a single craft for months. And understandably, having a newborn at home isn't exactly the time you have lots of extra energy floating about to make elaborate projects. That's why it's better to craft in the months before you have your baby, and these are the wonderful ideas for your newborn that you can get started on right away — or work on once your baby arrives and you happen to have a few hours of adrenaline-induced energy!  

DIY ideas for a newborn obviously don't have to be complicated or difficult. Your baby sure isn't going to notice if your pom poms are misshapen or your sewing is a little wonky. But there's something calming and relaxing about creating with your hands for your baby or your baby's room before he or she arrives. And if you manage to make something especially sentimental, it will be a nice addition to their collection of mementos to pour over when they're older.