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Why Labor And Delivery Nurses Are Rock Stars In Our Book

They Advocate For Us
Do you want to have Adele playing in the background during your C-section? Your L & D nurse is the most likely one to try to make that happen for you. You only want someone to touch you with permission first? They will be the first to respect your decision and make sure everyone abides by it. The doctor wants to move right to a C-section and you want a little more time? Do you want to try out breastfeeding first before supplementing with a bottle? 

Nurses are there, on our sides, looking out for us and our babies. They will be the first to speak up to the doctor and the first to take our feelings and preferences into consideration.

When my blood pressure refused to come down one night and I was facing more hospital time, the night nurse got on the phone with the doctor and pushed for a different blood pressure medication that I knew had helped during my pregnancy. Wonder of all wonders, my blood pressure stabilized later and I'm so grateful to that nurse for intervening on my behalf.