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Why Labor And Delivery Nurses Are Rock Stars In Our Book

They Don’t Bat An Eye When They Have To Clean Up Our Poop
Not only do we have a tendency to swear a lot during labor, but, well, there's the potential for some embarrassing things that happen, like vomiting and pooping (hopefully not at the same time, but we're sure it's been done before). Some nurses are so good that they can have a poo mess cleaned up before we even knew it happened. 

Plus, there's the whole after birth experience where we're leaking all sorts of things and thank goodness L&D nurses are there to care for us with grace and humor during this vulnerable time. 

After I had my daughter, I was on strict bed rest, which meant bedpans and, later, a bedside commode. It was a pretty humbling experience, allowing someone else to do something so personal for you. My favorite nurse was present for most of this, and was wonderful at acting like cleaning me up was no biggie. And that was huge for me.