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What We Think Pregnant Celebs Will Name Their Babies In 2019

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Celebrity baby names are always a hot topic. Chances are, if you've been to a baby shower anytime in the last couple years, you've been asked to fill out a quiz to test your knowledge of the often unusual choices. And while some celebs do go completely off the map (think North, Apple, and Stormi), most pick names we're already accustomed to hearing.

Which brings us to this list of pregnant celebs and the baby names we think they might select. Everyone from Carrie Underwood to Meghan Markle to Kim Kardashian are welcoming babies to their families in 2019, so there will be plenty of celebrity baby names to enjoy this year. We tried our best to weigh in their personalities as well as the names of any existing kids they may already have. Our results? A mix of everything from ordinary to the names you'd expect to stick in everyone's memories for years to come.

It's not easy to name an actual baby, let alone predict what someone else will name their child, but we had fun taking some guesses. Keep reading to see what names we chose. We'll be waiting impatiently for the new little ones to arrive to see if any of our guesses proved to be correct!