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Here's What We Know About Harry And Meghan's New Life In Cali

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26. They Spoke About Black Lives Matter
Both Harry and Meghan are vocal about the Black Lives Matter movement, and have voiced their support for the changes that protesters are fighting for. 

In a video call with the Queen's Commonwealth Trust (of which Harry is President and Meghan is Vice President), the two spoke passionately about social inequity.

"We can't deny or ignore the fact that all of us have been educated to see the world differently," Harry said. "However, once you start to realize that there is that bias there, then you need to acknowledge it, you need to do the work to become more aware… so that you can help stand up for something that is so wrong and should not be acceptable in our society today."

"It’s not just in the big moments, it’s in the quiet moments where racism and unconscious bias lies and thrives. It makes it confusing for a lot of people to understand the role that they play in that, either passively and actively," Meghan said.