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Here's What We Know About Harry And Meghan's New Life In Cali

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October 30, 2018 - Kirsty Wigglesworth/Getty Images AsiaPac more pics like this »
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13. They Feel Fortunate To Have A Big Backyard
Since the pandemic requires everyone to self-isolate and stay at home, Meghan and Harry are thankful they are fortunate enough to have a home with a big backyard. They don't take their lot in life for granted.

"I am just unbelievably fortunate and grateful to have outdoor space and see my son be able to be outside, because I know that so many people just haven’t had that opportunity in the last five months,” Harry told British rugby player Ellery Hanley in a Zoom call marking the league’s 125th birthday. “All of us take so much for granted… I’ve spoken to people, and I know a lot of people, who are stuck in high-rise blocks of flats and they can’t even see outdoor space, they can’t even see a bit of grass." 

Their home has a swimming pool, a tennis court, and sprawling gardens.