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Weird Secrets About Disneyland Straight From The People Who Work There

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11. It's Hard To Become A Princess
It's not easy to become a princess in Disneyland. In fact, it takes a good bit of training to graduate into royalty.

"Everyone is hired initially as the role 'Character Performer'. You are not allowed to learn a 'face' role (the characters that talk to you) unless you have had training as a fur character first (costumed characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, etc.)," a redditor shared.

Once you move on to become a face character, the training is pretty extensive. According to the redditor, "You have two days of training per face character you're given. Day 1 is watching the movie, learning how to walk, talk, & act, & day 2 is meet & greets with guests... There are people who are face trainers, who monitor you during training. After you are approved, you are expected to maintain your training & uphold character integrity during meet & greets."