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Weird Secrets About Disneyland Straight From The People Who Work There

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15. Employees Look For People To Surprise
Disneyland cast members actively look for people and families to create memorable moments for. 

"I haven't worked there in years, but when I did, we were trained to look out for people that we could make 'magical' moments for," a redditor shared. "Those people usually ended up being the really nice, personable families. If there was a really sweet kid at our desk (I worked at hotel) that loved Tigger, we'd do our best to get a Tigger stuffed animal sent up to his/her room. Offer me a bit of your Rice Krispie Mickey because it's so good? We send up half a dozen with a note to the kid. Obviously didn't happen all the time, but it could be beneficial to be kind to the people working." It always pays to be nice!