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Weird Secrets About Disneyland Straight From The People Who Work There

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25. Employees Clean Up The Park Every Night
It wouldn't do for Disneyland to look shabby, so each evening the entire staff cleans up the park to make it as magical as possible for the next day.

"Every evening after the park closes and everyone is emptied out (during the summer this is around 1:30 am), hundreds of cast members clean, repair, trim, paint, and do everything else necessary to get the park ready for the next day," a redditor explained. "And when I say everything, I mean...everything. There are some areas of the park that they repaint every single night just to make sure they are show ready for the next day. Horticulture cast members replace entire planters with fresh flowers so they are consistently beautiful. Others power wash every road surface every night. If I were to list everything they do I would probably fry my laptop."