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I am doubly Irish — Irish by ancestry and now by marriage — so we take St. Patrick's Day quite seriously in our family. But we also celebrate a little differently because we actually live in Dublin. We get the day off from school and work, we take the kids to a parade, and then we just spend time with family. Because I'm American and grew up with green pancakes and shamrock crafts, we also incorporate those traditions as well. If you're looking for a mix of special St. Patrick's Day activities for your family, here's a great place to start. 

While St. Patrick's Day has turned into an excuse to drink green beer (although not for kids!) in other places in the world, for most Irish people it's a low key state holiday that involves a parade and maybe a little time at a local pub. And for me as a writer, it's an opportunity to educate people about Ireland and encourage families to celebrate the holiday in (reasonably) authentic ways. 

But whether you're drinking green milk with breakfast or baking Irish soda bread, St. Patrick's Day is a fun holiday to celebrate as a family.