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How To Go Green At Home With Your Family

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When I read the news each morning, I often feel paralyzed by the state of the environment — every article makes the situation with climate change sound insurmountable. But a few weeks ago, I had a realization that doing nothing because the task seemed too big was ridiculous and not helpful. Instead, I made a very loose New Year's resolution that I would try to change one thing at a time. Coming up with 25 small ideas for making changes in my own home took no time at all, and thinking about 25 changes I can reasonably make made me feel instantly better. 

If you're in the same boat, worrying about the environment, paralyzed by the enormity of the task, you're not alone and here's just the push you might need to start to make small changes. It's not going to solve the entire problem, but it's absolutely better than doing nothing, especially if one of the changes we make is to encourage someone else to make little changes as well.

In fact, I recently found myself elbow-deep in a friend's recycling bin explaining what she could and couldn't recycle. I felt like a weirdo, but she assured me she was grateful for the lesson. These ideas could spark a few more ways to help your friends get on board as well. Order a big set of bamboo toothbrushes or reusable shopping bags and give your friends a surprise gift that will help the environment.

Let's get started.