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How To Tackle One Of The Hardest Parts Of Toddlerhood

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Just ask the mom whose 2-year-old is sitting in the middle of the pasta aisle kicking their legs and screaming, and she'll tell you what you probably already know. If you're parenting a toddler, you're well aware that dealing with tantrums is one of the most difficult parts of this stage. And not only is it challenging — it's something of an inevitability.

According to Parenting, tantrums are extremely common in children aged 18 months to 4 years. In most cases, they're developmentally normal. That young children have frequent outbursts in response to anger and frustration makes perfect sense when you consider that the part of their brain that regulates emotion is still maturing, as are the language skills that might help them cope. 

Tantrums typically fall into one of three categories: a demand for attention, a demand for something tangible, or an attempt to avoid a demand placed on them. Prevention is key, but that doesn't help you in the heat of the moment. With that in mind, we offer the following strategies for handling meltdowns. You can do this.