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28 Tips For Recovering From Birth

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We live in a culture where we want everything now, but just like growing a baby is a process, recovering from birth takes time. As counter-intuitive as it might sound, you really do have to force yourself to slow down if you want to recover more quickly.

Giving your body ample time to heal makes complications far less likely and gives you the opportunity to bond with your sweet new baby. And, while you might have the urge to get back to life as usual, those newborn days (and nights) are a gift you should appreciate as much as possible. After all, there are few stretches in life where you have the excuse to pause time, and before you know it, that tiny baby will be a walking, talking human who doesn't like to sit still.

If post-birth recovery freaks you out, relax. You'll be so in love with that new baby it will all matter far less than you might think. It just helps to be prepared and there are some steps you can take to facilitate an easier recovery. Click ahead for our tips.