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Tips For Going Back To Work After You Have A Baby

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10. Connect With A Support Group
Whether it be coworkers who are also moms or friends you can message throughout the day, having other moms ready to listen can make a huge difference in how you're feeling. After all, knowing you're not alone and you'll get through it is awesome reassurance.

Candace F. shared, "For me, it was my circle of support. Having a solid group of mamas who understood this transition was so helpful, and having a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on was everything."

Kimber Kirshner Azevedo added, “Reach our to other moms in your office-- build your tribe, ask for advice (but take it with a grain of salt-- what works for one person may not work for others).”

Steph C. also offered, “Communicate with your supervisors about how the transition is going. I found that my supervisors were always far more considerate the more I communicated with them. I also had great supervisors, but communicate what you need!”