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Tips For Going Back To Work After You Have A Baby

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16. Embrace Bed-Sharing (If It Appeals To You)
This one only applies if you're already a fan of co-sleeping and it works for your family. A lot of new parents worry about when to stop bed-sharing, but really the answer varies from family to family and kid to kid. 

With my first daughter, co-sleeping came easily and we all slept more soundly together. When I returned to work, I was so happy not to have to get out of bed to nurse her and enjoyed being able to just roll over and feed her and then go back to sleep. My husband and I also both liked the closeness of getting to be near her throughout the night when we weren't always able to be around her during the day. I've had many co-sleeping friends share similar experiences.

However, each kid is different and my second slept so much better in her own space. I only recommend co-sleeping if it feels right for your family and everyone is getting enough sleep. If it's keeping anyone up, whether this means you, your baby, or your partner, it's time to try a different solution, even if you still love the closeness. Sleep is critical, especially when you have to leave the house each day!