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Tips For Going Back To Work After You Have A Baby

7. Practice Your Routine Ahead Of Time
Giving yourself time to transition can make a big difference. Whether you start full-time or ease back into work with part-time hours, it helps to have a few dry-runs before you're officially on the clock.

Regina D. shared, “The week before I did a few practice days of waking up at my new normal time, so I could get the hang of the morning routine. Instead of going to work, I got some errands done and enjoyed some ‘me time’ that I knew I wouldn’t get once work started.”

Lindsay S. added, "When I had to go back to work, I started my little one at daycare two days before I went to work. First day was a half day, so I didn't have to be away long. I was really able to get my crying out those few hours. The next day was a full day, still with some crying but not as much. Plus I went shopping for a first day back to work outfit. So when I finally got to work, I had given myself a couple of days to get my emotions in check and pump in peace."

Nicole B. offered, "I am working on a few things before I do go back to work to get my little one prepared for daycare. I go to a gym that includes 2 hours of daycare each day during the week. He gets used to others holding him, soothing him, feeding him my pumped milk in a bottle, and socializing with other babies (and possibly building his immunity to the germs he is exposed to on a daily basis). Then when I transition back to work part time just for a few months he will go from a 2 hour daycare to a 4 hour daycare. Then when back full time he will be going about 8 hours a day. I plan the 2 hour gym daycare after his first nap of the morning so he gets fed and has playtime with the ladies that watch him."