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Tips For Going Back To Work After You Have A Baby

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11. Get Smart About Pumping
Advice on pumping is practically a whole article onto itself. Talk to other moms and do your reading ahead of time, so you can return to work mentally prepared to make it sustainable. Here are some tips from moms who've been there before:

“I LOVED the Bravado hands-free pumping bra. It attaches to a nursing bra, and was much faster, easier, and more comfortable than the strapless pumping bras. Folds up smaller too. I used a wetbag for pump supplies, and kept them in my fridge. More earth- and wallet-friendly than ziplocks! They were assembled and ready for each pump session, and warmed up fast.”  -Sarah R.

“I also second the hands free pumping situation because I could work and pump, which was amazing. Oh!! And having a pump at work and one at home!! One less thing to take back and forth.” -Lisa H.

“Someone told me to put my pumping equipmnt in the fridge (flanges, tubes, everything) in between pumping so that way I didn't have to wash everything 3 times. That made things really fast.” -Brittany B. 

“Make sure you know where to pump and how to reserve a space BEFORE your first day-- you don’t need the extra stress of finding a place to pump while full of milk! Bring a worn baby item and place it on your chest, watch videos of your baby while pumping-- the smells and sounds of your baby will help with let-down.” -Kimber Kirshner Azevedo

“Pumping logistics are hard - buy extra sets of parts and have them at work. You will forget something someday.” -Laura D.

“You’ll want to quit...often. If you do, who cares. Don’t feel guilty. Take that money you saved [from parts and extra pumps] and get a pedicure. You deserve nice toes that you can finally see again.” - Michelle W.

"Make sure to mark yourself as unavailable during your pumping times (including any prep time) if you use a communal calendar system, and stick with your designated pumping times during that first week. This was critical for me. The first day I was delayed like 30 minutes or so for my first session and I got mastitis almost instantly. If you can try to pump a few days before you go back (if you haven’t pumped a lot yet). And yes, if you stop, who cares. There’s nothing wrong with changing things as long as you and your family are happy and thriving." - Melissa B.