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Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Royal Pregnancies

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25. Princess Margaret Was Born In Scotland
Princess Margaret was born in Glamis Castle, Scotland, which was her mother's ancestral home. Margaret became the first member of the British royal family to be born in Scotland for more than 300 years. The last was King Charles I in 1600, who was eventually beheaded for treason. He was an unpopular king who believed in the absolute power of the monarchy, and dissolved Parliament a few times during his reign. This struggle between king and Parliament led to the first English civil war in 1642, which Charles lost and led to his death.

While the royals vacation in Scotland, it seems that there is a history of Scotland being left to itself. When the Scottish king, James VI, became James I of England in the 1603 union of the crowns, he was overthrown by William of Orange. William never visited Scotland, and his successor, Queen Anne, didn't either. It wasn't until 1822 that a monarch visited Scotland, when George IV visited a year after his coronation. This was the first visit of a reigning monarch to Scotland in nearly two centuries. Given this history, it's not surprising that British Royals aren't more often born in Scotland — they never visit!