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Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Royal Pregnancies

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12. Queen Victoria Didn't Want "Natural" Births
Piggybacking off of that last fact, Queen Victoria was not into natural births at all. She was not a fan of being pregnant or giving birth, even though she had nine successful pregnancies. She didn't see pregnancy as a beautiful experience, but a burden. “Aches — and sufferings and miseries and plagues… I had 9 times for eight months to bear with those above named enemies and own it tired me sorely; one feels so pinned down, one’s wings clipped — in fact..… only half oneself," she wrote. 

Since she disliked labor so much, it wasn't a surprise that the queen was open to taking experimental drugs during the process. In 1847,  obstetrician James Simpson found that chloroform could dull the pain during birth, and Victoria requested the treatment during the birth of her eighth child. “The effect,” wrote Victoria in her diary, “was soothing, quieting and delightful beyond measure.”