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Things To Do With Your Kids Before They Start School

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With school starting around the country between mid and late August, these are the days of the last hurrah of summer. You want to pack in some of the items on your summer bucket list, spend quality time together before everyone is busy for the school year, and also get prepared for the start of the new season. 

My daughter is actually starting school for the first time, so some of these activities are hopefully traditions in the making. I'd love for her to have fond memories of the weeks before school started every year. I can remember that the one project we always had to undertake before the new school year started was trying on our school clothes to see what fit and what didn't before we could go back to school clothes shopping. My mom would sit on the bed in my room and my sister and I would try on pants and shirts while my mom made notes about what we needed to stock up on. One day, I hope my daughter has fond memories of something so mundane! 

If the summer weather has your head a little fuzzy for making plans, here's where to start when it comes to packing in fun and function before school starts.