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Things Parents Should Have In Their Car (To Be Prepared For Anything!)

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Photo by Jose Rago on Unsplash
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Every parent has a story about the time they had to MacGyver something for their kid a hundred miles from home — and from then on they stocked their car with all the right essentials to prevent further MacGyver-ing in the future. I'm no different; my car survival hack involved finding an empty Tupperware container for my toddler to pee in while stuck in an hour of stopped traffic on a 6-lane highway. When we're going on long journeys, she still asks if I've got Tupperware handy. And truth be told, I always do. You never know when we might need it again!

Of course, the potty-training toddler highway fiasco led me directly to stocking our car with essentials — both emergency and otherwise. If you haven't yet had your car parenting emergency, this list might actually save you from that trauma. Or at the very least, it will help you quickly fix some of the most common car parenting problems, like a smoothie spilled in the back seat or down the front of your kid's shirt on your way to an appointment out of town. Items on this list might even help in a more dire situation, like keeping your family warm and hydrated if your car breaks down.

After all, we spend so much time in our cars, being prepared saves a whole lot of drama in the long-run.