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These Celebs Are Celebrating Their Real Postpartum Experiences

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Celebrities seem anything but real most of the time. And the same is true when it comes to pregnancy and parenthood. One day they're nine months pregnant, and a week later they look like they never had to wear maternity clothing, aren't suffering from sleep deprivation or having a hard time just getting out of the house.

But on Instagram some celebrities have decided to reveal the truth about day-to-day life with babies and bouncing back after giving birth. Just as it does with the non-famous, it takes exercise, eating a healthy diet, and getting enough sleep to really recover. And one of the most important revelations: self-care is paramount in keeping oneself healthy.

As Liv Tyler sums it up in her post: "Weekends!!!!!!  so much love, So tired, no time for make up, grateful, challenging, inspiring, always learning." Let's take a look at more inspiring postpartum celebrity moments.