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The Style Evolution Of Royal Maternity Looks

6. 1964: Princess Margaret
Princess Margaret kept up with her royal duties while she was pregnant, and here she was photographed in March 1964 leaving an exhibit opening in London. She was pregnant with her second child at the time, Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, and was expecting to give birth in two months.

It was quite surprising to see a royal heavily pregnant at this time, since society wasn't comfortable with embracing pregnancy in the way we do now. It was more of a private matter, which is why it was pretty rare to see photos of Queen Elizabeth II while pregnant, even though she had four kids.

During Elizabeth's first pregnancy in 1948, Buckingham Palace released a cryptic statement that read, “Her Royal Highness the Princess Elizabeth will undertake no public engagements after the end of June." They wouldn't even come out and say the word "pregnant!"