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Leggings or yoga pants are a staple when you're not pregnant, whether you're working out, running the kids to school or stopping at Target. But when you're pregnant and comfort is often the top priority, leggings are a must-have. Of course, not all pregnancy leggings are made equal — you want a pair that will stay put, provide coverage, but not suffocate you or your bump. 

If your belly is already growing out of your non-pregnancy leggings, this list is what you'll need to stock up. Grab a few pairs and be prepared to keep wearing them even into your postpartum weeks and months. 

An insider tip: make sure to have a look at the reviews for sizing, since choosing a size can be tricky as your bump grows by the day. Take advice from women who have worn them day in and day out so you won't have to hassle with returns.

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