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The Best Chapter Books To Read Aloud To Your Child

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We all know that reading aloud to our children is the best way to help them grow into readers themselves. When they are little, it is easy to get through board books before we tuck them in. And, picture books can be lovely to explore together once our children’s attention spans increase a bit. Then suddenly they are ready for chapter books.

The disconnect between what an early-reading child can tackle on their own and what they are developmentally ready to listen to means that parents can start reading chapter books to their children before they can read the books themselves. Just because your child can read doesn’t mean you should stop reading to them! Children need simple text to learn to read, but they may miss out on other stories if we don't read aloud with them.

Reading chapter books aloud to your child can be an excellent bonding experience, too. A good book and a cozy blanket is all you need to set the scene. As a bonus, when your child sees you get excited about reading, they will be more encouraged to read themselves. Being read good books as a child helps sets the stage for becoming a reader later.

So what books will hold a small person’s attention and their parents? All chapter books are not created equal! Check out our list for books that are well balanced to keep both you and your child engaged.