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20 Bedtime Stories That Will Make Your Kids Love Reading

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The bedtime story is a time-honored tradition and with good reason. Not only does reading aloud before bed promote the parent-child bond and prepare your little one for sleep, it also boosts brain development. Bedtime stories can help with language and logic, not to mention helping kids associate reading with love and affection.

There is a wealth of children's literature available, and it can be hard to know how to select the best books for your child. For young children, rhyme and repetition are a good bet. Most kids enjoy predictable text and pictures. Familiar authors and award-winners can be an excellent guide. Something else to remember when choosing a bedtime story? The idea is to settle your child down, not work them up.

That's a lot to keep in mind, so as a former elementary school teacher and toddler parent, I've done the some of the legwork for you. You and your child will find your own favorites, but in the meantime, you can start with these bedtime staples.