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The grandparent-grandchild relationship can be a very special one. It also has the potential to be mutually beneficial. The number of caring adults in a child's life is a predictor of future success and happiness. For grandparents, having grandchildren is actually preventive against dementia. In other words, the cross-generational relationship can improve quality of life for everyone involved.

That's great news, but for many grandparents, knowing exactly how to pass the time they have with their grandkids is a challenge. Do you have know all the characters in Paw Patrol? Should you brush up on Minecraft? The answer is a definitive "no." In fact, time spent with older family members is the perfect opportunity to pry kids away from their screens and get them to try something different.

Whether you're a grandma providing full-time care or a long-distance grandpa looking to make the most of a weeklong visit, you'll find an activity here for you and the little one in your life.