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These Stepparents Want You To Know What It's Really Like In Blended Families

5. The Amount Of Love In Stepfamilies Often Gets Overlooked
"I hate the traditional negative stereotyping of stepparents, particularly mothers. The thing that often gets forgotten is the amount of love that is present in many step/blended families. We are not bound by blood so we choose to love one another and I think that’s a really special thing. My husband and I were already parents when we met and we made a choice to love one another and our kids. It hasn't all been rainbows and unicorns though. My stepson has lived with us since the age of eleven and was dropped on our doorstep with what he could carry in his hands. We have dealt with 13 years of trauma and are only now coming out the other side. I’m proud of the relationship we’ve built as it hasn't been smooth sailing. Our family tree is messy but there is so much love in its branches." Wendy C.R.