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These Stepparents Want You To Know What It's Really Like In Blended Families

4. We’re Criticized More Harshly For Our Parenting
"One thing I never realized before is that stepparents are criticized much more harshly by others for their parenting. I remember a time when I sent out a Christmas letter and spelled "Merry Christmas" down the left side of the page, and each letter was a sentence starting with the appropriate letter that talked about something our family did that year. Each of the three boys had one line that was specific just to them. I did not do them in age order—I did them in the order that made the letter flow the nicest. My husband heard through his brothers that my sisters- in-law felt I was completely out of line by not placing my stepson first in the order like it reflected that I felt he wasn't as important because he was not listed first. It was so petty. I never sent another Christmas letter after that." Ann K.