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These Stepparents Want You To Know What It's Really Like In Blended Families

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17. I Didn’t Get To Be A First-Time Mom When I Had My Biological Baby
"I am a stepmom to two boys who are probably unaware that I am not their biological mom. Their mother hasn’t seen them in almost seven years. There’s a lot of people who tell me I’m lucky their mom isn’t around, and I don’t have to deal with “baby mama drama,” but to be perfectly honest, it sucks never having a break. It was really hard when I brought home my first baby and never really got to be just her mom. I feel like I didn’t get to be a first-time mom because I had a three and five year old at home. Instead of getting to bond with my baby, I was raising somebody else’s kids. I know that sounds terrible but it’s the truth. That was five years ago and I feel better about it all now, but it was super hard especially hearing how “lucky” I was. Having stepkids didn’t take away my need to carry my own babies." Jessica C.