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These Stepparents Want You To Know What It's Really Like In Blended Families

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12. Growing Closer With My Husband’s Ex-Wife Was The Best Thing I Ever Did
"It was really hard for me at the beginning. Knowing I’m not my husband’s first wife. Knowing I would never give him his first child. The misconceptions that myself and his ex-wife had about each other that created misunderstandings, and misplaced animosity. The resentment I felt towards my stepson, because of the animosity between his mother and myself. Always feeling like my husband loved his son more than me, and later, more than our children together. But the most rewarding thing in the last year or so of being a stepmom was opening up the lines of communication between my husband’s ex and myself. Both of us apologizing for hurt feelings. Recognizing that we are both good mothers, and only trying to do right by our children. Life is so much better this way." Heather M.