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I occasionally find myself in a rut trying to come up with ways to keep my toddlers from climbing the walls when we're stuck indoors all winter (or all summer for those of you in really hot places!). I love lists of toddler-friendly activities from parents with lots of creativity to share, and whenever I go scouring the internet to find some toddler activity inspiration I find more than I can fill in a week. 

I lean toward activities that don't take a lot of time, expensive ingredients or expertise, and this list provides exactly that. The last thing you want to do is spend all of nap time creating an activity that might only hold your child's attention for a little while. But most of these awesome activities will probably keep your little ones learning and engaged for a lot longer, which means they won't be crawling the walls or up your legs while you count the minutes until bedtime. These will be a win for everyone when you're stuck indoors!

Let's take a look.