Adorable, Affordable Baby Girl Clothes That Will Make You Squeal

These clothing brands are budget-friendly, cute options for your baby girl.

For parents-to-be, tackling the approximately 1 million items that need cleaned/purchased/assembled before baby arrives can seem incredibly daunting. However, out of that seemingly endless do-to list, shopping for baby clothes is perhaps the most satisfying. There’s just something about browsing and picking out tiny garments that makes it all seem real. Like, “Whoa, this is actually happening; we’re having a baby!” And did I mention how cute so much of it is? Especially when it comes to baby girl clothes.

When my husband and I found out were expecting our first child, part of me was hoping to have a daughter — simply because there seemed to be a much larger (and more adorable) selection of baby girl clothes wherever I looked. Our first little one turned out to be a boy, and we were elated to become parents. And although it took a little more effort to find swoon-worthy baby boy clothes, I did end up finding plenty along the way.

From then on, however, it’s been all girls for us — three daughters, to be exact. As you can imagine, I’ve had a lot of experience with baby girl clothes through the past six years or so. And although there are tons of cute baby girl clothes at most retailers, I've definitely learned along the way where the most adorable and affordable baby girl clothes are. Because let's face it: Not everyone can afford a high-end infant wardrobe.

With that said, let's take a look at five baby clothing brands that offer adorable baby girl clothes at prices that won't break the bank. (Note: If you're in the process of creating a baby registry — or you just want to save this information for future reference, I would highly advise booking this page so you can find it again.) 

Cat & Jack

Everyone knows that parents love shopping at Target; it's just in our blood. (Between the chic home decor, the fact that many locations have a Starbucks inside, and the endless rows of to-die-for clothing brands, who could blame them?) One of the relatively new baby clothing lines offered at Target — which launched in 2016 —  is Cat & Jack. And it’s obvious a lot of time and effort goes into the creation of these adorable baby clothes. Because I swear, I want to buy all of the baby girl clothes available.

Like this fruit-inspired Cat & Jack tunic and leggings set, for example. The blue tunic reads, "Oh so very squeezable" with lemons and an orange surrounding the wording. This too-cute-for words top comes with striped leggings that also have lemons on them, along with a hoodie sweatshirt with fruit print. It's only $14.99 — and well worth it, if you ask me.

Or there's this cheery Cat & Jack flutter sleeve floral and short-sleeved heart romper set that's simply precious — and also $14.99.

This Cat & Jack long-sleeved bodysuit and mesh tutu set is $15.99 and the perfect outfit for spring-themed photos. (At least in my opinion.) On the front of the bodysuit it reads, "Chase your dreams," with a kite next to it. The mesh tutu dresses the outfit up and completes the look, matching the color of the lettering. Between the empowering message, the fancy vibe, and the stellar price, this outfit would be perfect for anyone looking for affordable baby girl clothes.

Or perhaps this Cat & Jack woven ruffle dress is more up your alley. It's $13.99, and comes with white bloomers to cover your baby girl's diaper.

The Children’s Place

One thing is almost guaranteed if you happen to be walking by a storefront of The Children's Place: You won't be paying full price. Nope. Because it seems like there's always some sort of sale going on — on top of the already affordable prices. From premie sizes to big kid sizes, there's something adorable for children of all ages at The Children's Place. And that goes for baby girl clothes, too.

This unicorn hoodie, bodysuit and pants three-piece set from The Children's Place is almost too cute to handle. The ruffle-sleeved bodysuit fittingly features a unicorn. And the hoodie sweatshirt? It has ears and a unicorn horn on the hood. I can't even, here. Seriously.

And I couldn't help but smile when I stumbled across this pair of giraffe-print pajamas, which is regularly priced at $14.95 at The Children's Place.

For those who have a little princess on their hands, this three-piece set from The Children's Place would be perfect. The short-sleeved black bodysuit features a crown and the message, "If the crown fits." It comes with a pink crown-print slog-sleeved bodysuit and pink leggings with a tutu trim. This regal set is $29.95 regularly. And it's worth every penny.

It may be regularly priced at $34.95, but I'd definitely watch for those sales. Because this short-sleeved, pleated, woven dress and bloomers set at The Children's Place is worth the wait. It's a practical and adorable outfit perfect for warmer weather.

Jumping Beans

The Jumping Beans clothing line is exclusively sold at Kohl's — and it's one of those brands with endless possibilities. (Not to mention, it's one of my favorite brands for baby girl clothes.) The line boasts a wide selection of separates that can be mixed and matched together to create adorable outfits. With that said, there are also plenty of outfit sets that would look darling on any baby girl. The icing on the cake: Jumping Beans is incredibly affordable.

This Jumping Beans short-sleeved Minnie Mouse dress is one of the many Disney pieces offered by the brand. It's regularly priced at $24, and includes a diaper cover for your little one.

Not only is this Jumping Beans raglan ruffle sweatshirt adorable and trendy — unicorns are all the rage right now, after all — but it sends out positive message: "Be you-nique." It's in reference to the single unicorn among all the horses. But it also happens to be fantastic life advice, too. This shirt is regularly $16.

This Jumping Beans Winnie the Pooh hoodie and pants set is another example of a Disney-inspired piece from the brand. It's just $26 — and the ears on the hood really completes the look, if you ask me.

This Jumping Beans short-sleeved pocket dress features a pink-and-white stripe and a silver heart print design. It's regularly-price at $20 and comes with a pink diaper cover.


Carter's is yet another affordable brand that offers a wide selection of attractive baby girl clothes. One of the convenient things about Carter's is it's not exclusive to any single store. Sure, it has its own physical stores, but you can also buy Carter's clothing at Walmart, Kohl's, Macy's, JCPenney, on Amazon, and more. Plus, it's easy on your bank account at all of these places, too.

This Carter's four-piece, long-sleeved bodysuit set is originally $26 at JCPenney. With two heart-print designs, a dinosaur-print design, and a floral/dinosaur-print design, this infant wardrobe staple is a beautiful and reasonably-priced option for a baby girl.

Without any sales taken into account, this Carter's two-piece leggings set is $24 at JCPenney. Its colorful polka-dotted pattern is cheerful and bright — and simply adorable.

This Carter's two-piece legging set combines a printed legging with a bodysuit that sports a bold message: "Little but fierce." It's originally $20 and totally dreamy.

To be completely honest, this Carter's three-piece set is probably one of the cutest set of baby girl clothes that I've seen yet. It features a dinosaur-print bodysuit, pants, and a hooded sweatshirt with dinosaur spikes on the hood. This precious outfit is sure to elicit more than a few squeals of delight while out and about with your little one.

Little Wonders

If you shop at Kmart, then you're probably familiar with Little Wonders. (That's because this baby clothing brand is exclusive to Kmart and Sears, which are owned by the same company.) Little Wonders features a wide variety of separates, sets, and infant wardrobe staples and incredibly affordable prices. And don't worry; just because it doesn't break the bank doesn't mean the baby girls clothes aren't absolutely delightful.

The unicorn strikes again! But seriously though, with how wildly popular everything unicorn is, it comes as little surprise that nearly every baby/kids' clothing brand has something unicorn-related. This Little Wonders three-piece set features leggings with a unicorn head on each leg, a long-sleeved ruffle T-shirt, and a pink cap to complete the ensemble. The best part? It's just under 10 bucks at Kmart.

Really, you can't go wrong with overalls. This Little Wonders shirt and overalls set is seriously adorable — and only $10.99 at Kmart.

This Little Wonders knit dress and diaper cover set is simply dreamy with its fairy-tale print, don't you think? It can be yours for $7.99 at Kmart.

Last, but certainly not least, this Little Wonders sweatshirt and corduroy pants set features a seal design on the shirt and a polka-dotted pattern on the pants. It's $10.99 and totally adorable, and can be found Kmart.

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