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Secrets To Raising Respectful Boys

Provide Good Role Models
Fathers can provide excellent models of self-assured, caring adult men. When dad is not present (or not someone they should, in fact, imitate), grandfathers, uncles, teachers, coaches, and spiritual leaders can step into the role of mentor and provide young men with a range of examples of what it looks like to be a man. 

Boys need female role models, too. A boy who respects his mother, aunts, sisters, and friends is learning to respect all women. When these women show strength and determination, they give him examples to follow and help combat the gender stereotypes so ingrained in our culture.

Role models can also come in the form of sports stars, superheroes, and book characters. Even men and women he doesn't know (or who are fictional!) can show a boy not only how to be a good human, but that there are many ways of being.