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Real Moms Share What Gives Them Serious Mom Guilt

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21. When the list is too long
"Everything. Literally, everything!"
- Leah M.

"Does everything count as an answer?"
- Carolyna H.

"I get mom guilt from a variety of things. I think it just stems from always wanting to give 100%, which isn't really realistic. I feel bad when I lose my patience, when I don't want to share my food, when I have a lazy day and don't do an activity with my son... The list just goes on. Worst guilt I ever had was the first ER visit. I felt helpless and guilty and couldn't stop wondering if I could've prevented it. Sometimes my guilt is irrational about things beyond my control, but it's still there whether I like it or not."
- Cristelle H.

"Taking time to work out when I should be spending it with my kids. (Especiallywith my work schedule)... Internet... Not being able to participate as much in my son's school bc it's so far away."
- Marie C.