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Real Moms Share What Gives Them Serious Mom Guilt

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22. Doing it ALL
"When I snap... because I can't maintain my composure being a full-time working mom. It's hard to maintain being a good mom, wife, teacher, housekeeper, bill payer, gym enthusiast, animal caretaker, friend; basically all around Wonder freaking Woman... The guilt sets in on the days that I didn't give enough to my kids and gave more to another one of my roles. It's easy to forget that the almost three-year-old is just acting out because he wants attention, but my brain is constantly saying that laundry must get done, papers graded, baby fed, dinner made, floor vacuumed, dogs walked, etc, etc, etc. So when I snap, I feel the guilt: the guilt of 'am I doing the best I can for them?'" 
-Lisa H.