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Real Moms Share What Gives Them Serious Mom Guilt

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10. Taking time for ourselves
"I get mom guilt when I get on my phone for a mini break from the kids and my daughter comes up and asks me to play with her. I immediately feel like she feels I like my phone more than her." -Melissa D.

"When I have the once-in-a-blue-moon date with the hubs or a few hours out with the girls (during bedtime) I generally don't think twice about being away from the kids. But it's daily life, the occasional job, the need for self care that always seem to have me feeling guilty when it prevents me from actively engaging with my kids. Yet when those things are being neglected, I am not feeling like the best mom either... so this has become my never-ending 'mom guilt' struggle."
- Amber P.

"Making the decision to do something for myself (for once in a blue moon) and leaving behind a crying child who desperately wants me to come back inside or take her with me." 
- Teresa T.

"I feel mommy guilt when I leave my boys to get a massage for an hour. I feel guilty because I work full-time and an extra hour away from them makes me feel like a selfish mom." -Joanne P.