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Real Moms Share What Gives Them Serious Mom Guilt

4. Juggling work and new babies
"Returning to work has been really hard.... I miss her SO much!! It has officially been one month. With that, trying to get in the rhythm of pumping and then learning that she gets more milk off of me from nursing, than the amount I was pumping... after lots of communication with her (amazing) daycare and our (awesome) pediatrician... it was time to supplement with formula for daycare... this was a really hard pill for me to swallow... Feeling like my body was not providing what my baby needed... I felt like a failure (total mom guilt)... Grateful for support and knowing that I was doing what was best for her. Now, add pumping at work, nursing her at lunch, and pumping in the middle of the night (when my supply is best)... I am not giving up, and knowing we have formula as back-up, helps relieve some pressure... but mommy guilt sets in, when I only get 2-3 oz, per pumping session. There is a purpose to the journey, but my goodness, it can be tough! There are times that I would give anything for leaky boobs!!"
- Missy M.

"Daycare, not breastfeeding, too much screen time for my 2 year old."
-Jessica L.