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Real Moms Share What Gives Them Serious Mom Guilt

1. Balancing work and motherhood
"When my kids ask me to quit my job because they are more important than work."
- Amanda G.

"I have guilt when I don't feel like I'm giving work my all because I'm thinking about my son, and I have guilt when I'm distracted at home because I'm tired from work."
- Erin M.

"I went from being with my son 24/7 to seeing him 2 waking hours a day. When the clock strikes 5pm and I’m at the office, I know every minute is one less with him."
- Laura D.

"I am an attorney and my husband is a school social worker. Because his job is on the school schedule, he gets to spend a lot of “extra” time doing fun things with our kids while I continue to work. While I am thrilled that my girls love their dad and get to enjoy fun things with him, the mom guilt is REAL on those days when I am missing all of those fun memory making activities."
- Carrie W.