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Real Breastfeeding Questions Answered By A Lactation Consultant

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Can your supply decrease if you start nursing more than pumping?
I was pumping 30 or more oz a day and now I’m just too tired to do so, so I’ve been pumping 1-3 times a day (sometimes 5-6 times) but I’ve been breastfeeding a lot more. But I still noticed that I don’t make as much milk as I once did because my son doesn’t eat as much as I was pumping. Am I losing my supply? Should I keep pumping 8x a day?

QC: Most breastfed babies will eat somewhere between 24-28 oz in a 24 hour period max. If you were nursing and pumping 30 oz it sounds like you were overproducing and making more milk than necessary. Pumping is really only needed if you are away from your baby and need to skip a feed, or sometimes I suggest it as a way to increase milk supply. Under regular circumstances I suggest you nurse your baby on demand (about every 2-3 hours and then longer stretches at night as the baby gets older). Your supply may have decreased because you’re not pumping as often as you once were, but it sounds like you didn’t need to be making that much milk so your body is adjusting to your baby’s needs.