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Real Breastfeeding Questions Answered By A Lactation Consultant

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How does the return of your period relate to breastfeeding?
My period hasn’t come this month but it has twice in the past since I’ve had my baby, who’s currently four months old. I am exclusively breastfeeding. I took a pregnancy test today that came back negative. Why is my period off?

QC: Your period may not come back regularly every month at this point but if you’re concerned, speak to your OBGYN. Keep in mind you ovulate before your get your period so even if you don’t have your period, you can still ovulate and get pregnant. If you aren’t ready to grow your family, use some form of breastfeeding friendly birth control. Some birth control pills can decrease your milk supply so speak to your OBGYN. A common misconception is that breastfeeding is a form of birth control and it’s not.