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Real Breastfeeding Questions Answered By A Lactation Consultant

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Any tips for mothers who want to prolong nursing with the assistance of pumping?
I have been exclusively breastfeeding my baby now for five months and was initially aiming to continue until six months but after learning about all of the benefits for the baby with breastfeeding longer, I have decided to aim to nurse for one year. How can I pump more milk? I’m producing enough to feed but when I pump I only seem to get 2 oz per time. Any hints or tips you can share would be most appreciated!

QC: If you are pumping after the baby nurses you shouldn’t expect to get a full feeding worth of milk. If you’re pumping instead of a feeding it would be good to get 3-5 ounces depending on how often your baby is nursing. Unfortunately some women just don’t respond to the pump as well as they do to their baby. I would suggest having your baby close by when you pump if you’re home. Sometimes seeing or smelling your baby can help encourage a letdown. If you’re away from your baby, looking at a picture or watching a video of your baby may do the trick. It’s also important to make sure all your pump parts are in working order. I don’t think people realize that changing your valves regularly can make a big difference on suction. My last suggestion would be to try and manually express after you pump and see if you can get any more milk to come out. Sometimes you stop responding to the pump after a certain point but are able to massage milk out of your breast manually.