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Real Breastfeeding Questions Answered By A Lactation Consultant

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Any tips for mothers who have no issues nursing, but struggle to produce enough to pump?
How do I produce enough to be able to pump? I produce more than enough to nurse but can’t seem to pump much of anything… it takes 2-3 pumping sessions to get enough to fill a bottle (she is eating a 7 oz bottle at five months old).

QC: Your baby should be eating about 24-28 oz per day, so depending on how many times a day your child is eating, she may be overeating from the bottle a bit, making you think you’re having a hard time keeping up with her needs. Babies tend to drink more from a bottle because it goes down so quickly and when that happens sometimes their belly doesn’t have the chance to send the brain the message that it’s full. I would try to use a slow flow nipple and pace her feedings so the feeding takes longer. Also, seeing or smelling your baby can help encourage a letdown, but if you’re away from your baby, looking at a picture or watching a video of your baby may do the trick.