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Real Breastfeeding Questions Answered By A Lactation Consultant

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Is it normal to have one breast produce more milk than the other?
I pump at work and breastfeed when I get home with my baby. I’ve always gotten a good amount of milk from my right breast but my left struggles to produce more than 2 oz. If I’m engorged in the mornings I can get 3 oz but in the evening I’m barely pumping 1 oz on the left. On my right. I pump anywhere from 4-7 oz in a sitting. Is that normal to have one side produce more?

QC: It is very normal for one breast to be more forthcoming than another. It’s sounds like you are a great producer and are responding well to the pump. If you are pumping after the baby nurses in the evening I wouldn’t expect you to get that much. It’s also normal for your supply to decrease as the day goes on. As long as your baby seems satisfied and is gaining well, I wouldn’t worry.