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Adorable Proof Babies And Dogs Really Can Be Best Friends

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For many of us, our dogs are our first babies. They teach us a thing or two about taking care of someone else and give us all the snuggles we need at the end of the day. We take them to restaurants, on trips, and even to our workplaces. They become our attachments, our fur children.

And, then, we have a human baby and much like Lady and The Tramp, they suddenly take second fiddle to the new bundle of joy demanding attention in our lives. However, this doesn't have to be a sad story. In fact, our babies often become our dogs' new best friends and it's so adorable we don't even feel bad about it. Because, as it turns out, babies and dogs really do have a lot of shared interests.

Ready for some smiles and at least a few giggles? Check out these oh-so-cute duos who prove they really do make the perfect best friends. And, if you happen to fall in love with any of these pairs, check out their Instagram accounts for more.