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Springtime is actually a lovely time to dress a bump. Winter's over, so you can strip off a few of those layers that can be both restrictive and bulky. But summertime hasn't yet hit, so you're not as sweaty as you're about to be. Springtime maternity wear means light layers and cropped pants, showing off a little leg or shoulder to make you feel both feminine and relaxed. 

This season, look for simple combinations of comfort and structure, like a tunic length top with cropped leggings or cozy harem pants that will make you feel like you've stayed in your pajamas. For special occasions, a pastel print is a never-fail option, but break up the pattern with a chic blazer. 

Whether you're looking for inspiration for your own bump or shopping for a loved one who needs a boost this season, these looks and products are the perfect place to start.