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Whether you're naming a baby boy in 2019 or not, baby name trends are fascinating. From the classics to some surprising new hits, popular baby boy names cover a wide variety of genres. And, by taking the time to study the changes in the Social Security list, it becomes apparent names follow ebbs and flows in popularity.

Accordingly, we looked at the change in popularity in names over time to create our list of baby boy names we think will be most popular in 2019. We picked names that have risen sharply in recent years, as well as those that have steadily held their footing on the top 50 list. Combined, we feel confident these are the names you'll see more and more in 2019.

And, if you have a son to name, we recommend you stick to your instincts and choose the name that feels right, regardless of popularity. After all, it's not the end of the world if your baby boy shares his name with others. If anything, it's just a sign of your shared good taste. Ready to check out our list? Let's take a look.

Editor's Note: We use the 2017 SSA Change In Popularity list, as the 2018 list had not been released as of publish date.