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16. Use a reward chart
Some people think rewarding children for good behavior is bribery, but bribery is when you give someone something in exchange for doing something bad! You get paid to go to work and do a good job, so it's fine to reinforce positive choices with a treat after repetition because encouraging repetition creates lasting habits.

Word to the wise, start with goals that are specific instead of just giving random stickers for any good behavior. Likewise, keep the goals small and achievable so kids don't have to hold it together ALL day to feel like they've accomplished something.

Reward charts don't work if kids can't make it to the finish line. For example, only giving the sticker for a week's worth of homework completion may be too much. Instead, give a daily sticker so effort is rewarded more quickly.

Princesses not your thing? Pinterest is full of alternative behavior chart options.

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