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Play Date Etiquette We Should All Be Following

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Play dates can be great. Moms enjoy a break from constant questions and whining, kids run off steam, and cherished Instant Pot recipes are shared while new friendships blossom. That is, when everything goes right.

Play dates can go terribly wrong, too. Your kid’s favorite Lego creation, that you helped build over the course of a week, is obliterated in the backyard, pieces disappearing between blades of grass. The casserole you made for dinner becomes contaminated with purple slime. Your child doesn't make it to the bathroom on time and the host mentions, "Well, we just bought that couch."

Play dates would be as smooth as butter if we just followed the rules, right? But just what are the rules? We've listed the basics and drilled down a bit deeper too. Whether this is your first rodeo or you've hosted dozens of kiddos, you'll recognize some, if not all, of these situations.