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Plan A Staycation That Actually Feels Like A Vacation For Everybody

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We just returned from vacation with our two small children and a whole lot of extended family. It was wonderful and downright horrible at the same time. Our kids were the smallest, which means they slept the least and barely adjusted to their pack-and-plays before we had to hit the road back home again. And that's one of the drawbacks of traveling with little ones. It may just be more exhausting than staying home. 

Which brings me to the beauty of the staycation. Not the kind where you stay in a hotel across town, but the kind where you stay at home (with the comfort of your own beds to recharge at night) but pretend you're on vacation. It can be tricky, because real life can interject around every corner. But if you make a plan using some of these ideas, you might just come up with a staycation that's restful and enjoyable for everyone in your family — and one that you won't need a vacation from when it's finished!